Niedzielski Financial Insurance and Group Benefits Regina

Insurance and group benefits for Regina

Living Benefits:

  • Disability Insurance to replace your lost income due to accidents or sickness
  • Long Term Care Insurance which provides a daily benefit if you lose the ability to look after yourself and you require ongoing medical support to stay in your own home. It can also provide funds to pay for long term care facility fees if you cannot stay in your own home.
  • Critical Illness Insurance which pays you a lump sum, tax free benefit¬† should you suffer a life threatening illness such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

Life Insurance:

  • low cost term life insurance
  • Quality cash value life insurance that allows you to reduce taxes and increase your net worth at low risk (equity building policies)
  • 10,15,20 year guaranteed payment plans
  • We often solve 'hard to insure' situations. If you've been declined insurance, come see Ed.

Conservative Investments:

  • Segregated Funds with principal guarantees
  • Annuities, RRSP's, and RRIF's with guarantees

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